The Aging Population And Government Policy To Protect Them

By Byron Jonas

Everyone must at some point in their lives become old. The milestones of birth, childhood, young adulthood and finally old age are a reality for all. The aging population and government policy did not always work coherently in favour of the aged. This has however changed with time. The current programs cater for all aged in a much improved way than in the past.

Among the policies the authorities came up with is the retirement benefits scheme. This has over time assured the aged that they have a source of income to count on and are self reliant on many fronts, especially financially. This innovative plan is an initiative of both the employer and the worker where a worker has some agreed amount docked from their monthly pay check and the employer tops up the deduction.

Once an employee retires they are entitled to a monthly allowance that is roughly half of what they used to earn during their years of employment. This allows them to continue enjoying financial security even in their old age. The authorities have made it mandatory for everyone in formal and informal employment to have a retirement plan and contribute towards it monthly.

However there are those who feel that these retirement plans are not viable investments and that the people are wasting their resources. According to them the money that is saved up in these retirement plans should be invested in the conventional form of businesses and used to generate revenue. These critics are blind to the fact that not having a proper retirement package will take money out of the economy in form of handouts to the old.

The provision of social services is another policy that the government has been able to come up with. This has been done through the establishment of special clinics that are set up to cater for the health needs of old people. The reason for this is that old people suffer from ailments that are specific to them, and so they need specialized care and attention.

There are schools that are availed to train nurses who will be responsible for taking care of the aged members of society.

This said, it does not help to introduce policies that will not stand the test of time. These policies must be flexible enough to be effective and functional in the future as well. This is because age old, and pensioners, is not a passing cloud that will not be around in the future. What works today must somehow also work in foreseeable future for consistency purposes. This brings about trust and security that after all, there is a clear cut plan for these ageing to enjoy tomorrow.

This then calls for standardization of procedures and policies that govern the various facilities catering for pensioners across the country. The ageing countrymen and women need to feel part of everybody and part of society, too.

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