Baby Gender: Is It OK To Select A Boy Or A Girl?

By Karen Wilder

For a number of reasons, a couple may decide they would like to get pregnant with a baby of a particular sex. Mothers often express a wish to have a baby girl while fathers-to-be more often have an inclination towards a baby boy. It's also not atypical for a couple who've already got kids of a specific sex to decide they would like a child of opposite gender.

Many professional couples frequently wait until later in life to have children and have subsequently have less children. This more planned approach to raising a family can increase their interest in baby gender selection. While scientists maintain that gender selection happens virtually completely at random - about 51% of babies born are boys - there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that does indicate it is possible to to influence whether you conceive a boy or conceive a girl.

Regardless of whether baby gender selection is possible is it OK to have a gender preference for a baby? Some might say that making an attempt to influence the gender of your baby amounts to little more than interfering with the natural order. However for many couples increasing the chances they conceive a baby of specific gender is just an expression of personal preference.

Of a group of expectant couples who used an ultrasound examination to determine the gender of their baby, more than 4 out of each 5 surveyed noted that one of the main reasons in their decision to learn the gender of their baby was so they could cope with any potential disappointment before birth. This implies there had been a clear preference to either have a boy or a girl.

Whether you try to influence the gender of your baby is not an easy question to answer. What ultimately matters is that regardless of the decision you make, you choose to love the child you get. Babies are precious gift and the start of a lifetime of memories.

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