How To Maintain Wood Gates

By Fabrizio I. Deed

It is common for buyers to inquire about the durability of the item before actually buying it. And perhaps in one of those encounters, you, yourself have probably heard the familiar line, "it depends on who's using it." How do you feel about this kind of response? Well some of you are probably frustrated and wished there would be a better kind of assurance. But the fact is that the length of time you can benefit from a particular product depends to a great extent on how you maintain it.

And so if you want to make sure your wood gates last longer, then you have to employ effective preservation techniques. A regular inspection should be carried out. During this process, you have to pay attention to the presence of cracks, splits, loose nails or screws, discoloration and other irregularities. When any of these are observed then most often than not you just have to do some tightening of screws and retouching of the finish. It is advised to perform a general inspection during the spring season.

Because hardwood is durable, you could only expect for minor damages for the first years of use. And you only deal with small spots to be repainted or retouched. But before you do the repainting, make sure that you do some light sanding. Otherwise it would look like you are just prepping up your gate for drawing termites and other microorganisms that can eventually ruin it.

It is recommended that for optimum results, cleaning, sanding and re-coating be done every 5 to 7 years. Wooden stain is the best material to use for re-coating but you can also go for lacquer, varnish or paint. The same way that AZ window sunscreens need regular cleaning and maintenance, so is your gate. This is for the sake of extending its lifespan and keeping it beautiful, the kind of beauty you saw when you first laid eyes on it.

Unlike the other areas of the home, the gate is that part which is vulnerable to so many factors from the first day it is installed. There are dust, pollutants, termites, UV radiation and undesirable weather that continuously threaten the life of your wooden gate, the same way that an iron gate is put at risk for different reasons.

As such it makes really good sense to set things straight the first time. If it's a wooden gate you are after, your efforts should be directed in acquiring the best gate within your budget. But do not forget that proper care and maintenance is a must to make sure you enjoy your gate the longest time possible.

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