The Meaning Of A Complete First Aid Kit

By Brian Lawton

The importance of having access to a current, properly stocked first aid kit cannot be overstated. In an emergency, the ability to apply assistance on the spot can make all the different to the outcome for the person involved. It is also a good idea to complete some kind of training, or at least have some training on how to use items in the kit.

It is often the quick thinking of an individual on the scene that can make all the difference to the outcome of an emergency. Even if formal training has not occurred, just knowing how to adequately make use of available items is a great asset.

The home, car and workplace at least should all have one easily accessible kit, containing a variety of important items which are fresh and ready for use. There are many sizes and types of boxes, containers and soft package sets available in a variety of outlets both online and in stores. The contents may vary according to the specific area of interest. A travel size pack will be smaller than a professional size for use on work sites.

A basic home or car kit, for instance, should contain at least the following: disposable gloves, a face shield or mask, thermal blanket and/or fire blanket, crepe bandages of varying widths, a triangular bandage, dressings, preferably non-adhesive, and adhesive tape. In addition to these, items such as plastic bags, disposable wipes, tweezers, scissors and a first aid book or booklet are invaluable. Another important component is a pencil and notepad: this is important to record information that could prove valuable to any paramedics or doctors treating the patient after the initial first aid.

In case of allergic reaction, it is best not to include medicines in general or multipurpose kits. In the case of an individual or family, however, it is best to include special medicines. This may include injections for people with diabetes, a history of allergic reactions and the like, or an asthma inhaler.

The orderliness of the container is important, and it should be checked regularly. This is for all items, not just medicines which may have an expiry date. It is best to rotate or replace all perishable items whenever possible, as adhesive tape and dressings can deteriorate. It is also necessary that all items be labelled clearly, in big print if possible, so that they can be easily located in an emergency, even by a small child.

Accessibility is another key feature of a useful first aid kit. Whether it is in the home or workplace, a sign indicating the location of the kit should be visible. A small kit placed behind the seat, or in the glove box is adequate.

In public situations and workplaces, there may be an aid station or specific area. These will generally contain more items and be much more comprehensively stocked. There may be specific people with formal training, but it is useful for everyone to know what items are available, and how to best use them. Knowing that these items are available, and in good, fresh working order, can give anyone the confidence to deal with any emergency situation which may arise.

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