What Are Some Quilting Accessories That Can Save a Lot of Work?

By Jane Green

Every quilter has their necessary tools, their iron, their scissors, rulers and the like. However for me it doesn't just stop there.

Over my years of quilting, I've also come across a number of little accessories and tools that would just make quilting so much tougher without them. The funny part is that they are not even big things, just small things here and there that save me a couple of minutes at a time.

Chaco Liners

Chaco liners look a lot like permanent markers, however they are very different. Instead of permanently marking your fabric, these liners contain a powder type tip that is meant to leave a mark, although not permanently.

The idea behind these is you can mark out the measurements as required and then when its no longer required, clean it off efficiently. Perfect for anyone working on a custom quilt pattern or patchwork quilt.

They are also refillable, so when you finish one, you can just unscrew the cartridge and replace it with a fresh one.

Thread Rack

This is an incredible easy to use gizmo which has saved me numerous minutes looking for the right thread. This is a rack divided up into a grid. Where each grid meets is a little dowl that sticks out, which you can put a spool of thread on.

I have prepared mine in a rainbow color order so I am able to quickly locate the color thread I need and begin sewing. No more rumaging around your sewing box for the right color spool.

You may get ones that stand vertically and have a roatating base to help you choose your threads, similar to a greeting card rack.

5 in 1 Sliding Gauge

This looks like one of those T-squares your teacher utilized in mathematics class. The difference is that this one has an adjustable slider.

It is a real wonder tool and is ideal for marking out button holes, seam allowances and hem length, just to name a few!

Its these small things that assist me in saving minutes here and there. These minutes then start turning into hours and soon you will find you can't live without them either!

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