Here's Why You Should Use A Hot Tub

By Casey Ollson

For more than a thousand years, nearly every culture on earth has used hot water for therapeutic purposes. Indeed, ancient peoples even held religious rituals in warm, natural baths. These days, the benefits of hydrotherapy are too numerous to list in anything but a thick book. Physiological as well as psychological benefits of hot water therapy abound. Medical studies have shown that a mere 10 minutes in a hot tub will lower the blood pressure, cause muscles to relax, and increase overall bodily blood circulation. Routine muscle and body aches are quickly rinsed away in a spa tub. For keeping the skin clean, maintaining limber musculature, and decreasing chronic pain, hot tubs are ideal. Compared to traditional drug therapy, spas are very economical too.

Regular sessions in a warm spa tub will go a long way toward relieving chronic pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, and osteoporosis. Of course, many ailments only see temporary relief in a hot tub. For those who cannot endure traditional drugs, and their many adverse side effects, hot tubs are a welcome option for pain relief.

Hot tubs are heart healthy too. Because hot water reduces blood pressure, even temporarily, the heart is given a bit of a rest while the person soaks in the tub. As for increased circulation, regular hot tub usage has been known to contribute to a comprehensive regimen of blood pressure reduction. While you sit in the hot water, the added circulation of the blood helps carry away toxins from the lymph gland system, a fact that contributes to fewer infections in the body.

Aside from chronic diseases and serious conditions, regular day-to-day stress, tension headaches, and routine body aches are vanquished by hot tub sessions. Many people report feeling a sense of mental relief just by looking at a hot tub! If you have a demanding job, it only makes sense that the mere thought of a nice, warm spa session at day's end can lift the spirits.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water before getting into the tub. You will want to do the same after your dip is over too. Because the hot water induces perspiration, it is a wise idea to replace that lost fluid by drinking a couple glasses of water right before and just after spending time in your hot tub. When it comes to hydrotherapy, and hot tubs in general, the list of benefits just goes on and on.

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