Make sure your ready for your little one

By Oliver Dear

There are many signs of pregnancy and once you have noticed them you will need to plan ahead for the arrival of your new baby. Knowing how to look after your new arrival, what you will need and what signs of pregnancy to look for can help you greatly in understanding what is happening to your body.

The signs of pregnancy are varied but may include swollen tender nipples and breast, morning sickness, stomach cramps, needing to wee more often, missing a period, strange tastes in your mouth or a loss of taste and if you do a pregnancy test it will be positive. Knowing these signs of pregnancy is essential in knowing that you are pregnant and therefore allowing you to start preparing for your new arrival. Having a healthy diet and getting sufficient exercise can help reduce some of these pregnancy symptoms.

Once you have found out about your pregnancy then you should understand that it will be split into three trimesters. In the first trimester as your foetus starts to grow you may experience some morning sickness but this should go as you get into the second trimester of your pregnancy. In the second trimester you may begin to feel the baby moving and some expectant mothers feel renewed energy during this phase. As you reach the final trimester you may feel nervous about the imminent arrival of your baby but the majority of your pregnancy symptoms will have deceased by this point and you can take comfort in the fact that your baby will soon be with you.

In the final stages of pregnancy one of the most important things to organise is your birthing plan. This will include who you would like with you during the birth, any pain control medication you would like and how you would like the birth to go. Your birthing plan could include if you would like a water birth, a natural birth or if you would like an epidural at the first possible opportunity. The main thing with a birthing plan is to talk with your midwife and those who you wish to be involved in your labour and make sure that your wishes are known to all who will be involved.

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms in the final stages of pregnancy is the urge to build a nest for your new arrival. You will need to consider the furniture and colour of the walls and the type of cot, monitor, changing table, mobile, mosses basket, nursing chair and bedding you wish to use.

Pushchairs and car seats need to be purchased before your baby is born. Pushchairs come in many different forms with some having car seats included, some with adjustable seats and some looking like a traditional pram. Car seats also come in many different forms the most important thing to remember here is that your new baby may be spending a lot of time in their car seat so making sure they will be comfortable and well protected are important factors in deciding which to buy.

The other things you will need to get ready before your baby arrives is their clothes, nappies, baby wipes, baby bath, steriliser and any bottles and milk if you decide to bottle feed. If you have decided to breast feed then you may want to express milk so others can feed your baby.

So now that you are nearly ready to bring your new baby home you should take the last final moment to relax before there is a new person in your life that will be totally dependent on you. When your new arrival does appear make sure that you enjoy them.

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