The Background and Foundation of Christmas Wreaths

By Tony Ferraro

Christmas wreaths have a very wealthy history. Decorative wreaths were popularly used in Ancient Rome as a sign of victory. Due to this, many people think that the hanging of wreaths on doors came from Ancient Rome. Nevertheless, contrary to this belief, wreaths are believed to be of German origin. Though the exact origin of wreaths isn't recorded, historians believed that it came to existence even prior to Christianity itself.

Wreaths had been commonly utilized in folk practices of pre-Christian Germanic individuals who gathered wreaths of evergreen and lighted fires as sign of hope in a coming spring. From its origin in Germany, the use of wreaths spread to other parts of the Christian world. All through the years, these symbolic wreaths have gone through a multitude of changes but they've amazingly retained their significance. Within the ancient occasions, wreaths had been handmade and had been utilized to symbolize pride and victory. Amazingly, these ornaments had been originally not exclusively utilized during the Christmas season. Generally speaking, wreaths have lengthy been used for other purposes prior to they came to become known as Christmas wreaths. They had been even utilized in auspicious occasions like weddings! Historical records recommend that as early as 776 BC, the Greeks utilized wreaths made of laurel leaves to award athletes that completed first in the Olympics.

Wreaths were also believed to happen to be used as embellishments by women, and were occasionally complemented with jewels and as fashion accessory to those belonging towards the elite class. The use of handmade wreaths is attributed to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, and also the origin of Christmas wreaths attributed to the Germans, however it is believed that the traditional hanging of wreaths during Christmas is basically a Catholic ritual. This really is generally carried out during the winter season, specifically throughout Christmas season.

Using the evolution of time, these wreaths have also come to create. Their appearance and form have also changed as the use of new supplies slowly gained recognition. Conventional wreaths usually consist of four candles in a circle of evergreens having a fifth candle within the middle. Due to emergence of numerous civilizations and rapid globalization, the supplies utilized in making wreaths have modernized. Twigs are no longer the only issues utilized in making the frame of wreaths since they are becoming slowly replaced by the use of wires. Evergreens are also being slowly replaced by ribbons and other colourful embellishments. Nevertheless, in spite of these changes, the tradition of hanging these Advent wreaths has remained almost the same.

In these contemporary occasions nevertheless, the Advent wreath is much more of a decorative rather than a symbolic wreath. Even though wreaths have now turn out to be more of a decoration, the significance and significance of it remains undeterred. To this day, Christmas wreaths are nonetheless used for exactly the same purpose - the anticipation of the much awaited arrival of the Messiah that's Jesus Christ.

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