Homemade Baby Mobile Tips

By Kimberly Davis

Do you want to top off your infant's crib with a super cute baby mobile that is custom made? If so, then find out exactly how to make your own easily with just a few supplies and a little bit of time.

First, think about the design in your nursery. Whether it's a Star Trek theme, Curious George, Butterflies or Aliens there are plenty of ways to create a suitable mobile that will stimulate baby and look good too!

Starting Tips

You will need to prepare before you begin. What type of toy do you want hanging from the mobile? Whether it is a certain shape or special design look for pictures online or surf some nursery websites for help.

The easiest ways to get some inspiration are to look through clipart images or just do a search for your keyword. Once you found something suitable then size them and print.

It's important to make sure they are not overly large or small because you really want them to stand out a bit and for your baby to notice them above her!

Once you have the templates properly sized as desired you need to cut them so you can use as a pattern. Afterward, the fun begins. Find some fabric that you would like to use in your mobile and nursery's theme.

To make the first toy for the mobile you need to lay out your fabric on a clean work surface. You should fold the fabric inside out. The pretty parts should be facing inward. Pin your template that you made earlier from your images to the fabric and begin to cut. You will need to leave about a quarter of an inch so you can sew the two pieces.

Cut into your fabric and since you folded the material you will have two pieces left. After they are all cut you need to sew the pieces together and leave an opening for you to stuff it.

When you have finished sewing the two parts use the small opening you left and turn the fabric right side out. Add a filler like cotton or wool to the toy and then add a small ribbon to the opening and sew in place. Close the hole up at the same time.

Add your mobile toys to the mobile arm and then display in the nursery or hang above the baby's crib! This is not only fun but a very simple way to create something completely unique for your baby.

A key point that you might be interested in knowing is babies respond best to black and white colors (at least for first few months of life). This is due to the fact that her vision is the least developed of all the senses at birth. Knowing this, you might want to make two sets of toys, some in black and white and others in different colors for later on.

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