Natural Eczema Treatments Can Give You A Healthier Alternative

By Julia Cooper Davidson

There are various natural eczema treatments available. If you are suffering from this condition, or have a friend or relative who is, you may want to consider different options. There is no need to keep on suffering.

Eczema is a general term which covers various different conditions. But there is a common link to these in that it affects the skin. The main symptom is irritation, itching and dryness.

Constant scratching can cause infection and this could lead to permanent scarring. There are some environmental factors that can also make this condition worse. The area may also become swollen and red.

Certain plants, such as poison ivy or nettles can cause contact dermatitis. There may be other factors that trigger this off, for example some strong detergents. The allergic reaction can sometimes happen when sunlight covers the affected area.

But winter can also trigger off an allergic reaction to the skin. This happens particularly to asthma sufferers, and can be hereditary. The rashes appear around the elbows, back of knees, neck and head..

Cradle cap is a condition related to dandruff which sometimes affects newborn babies. Adults can get a variant of this condition too. As well as the head, the torso could also develop yellowish scabs and crusts.

Less common types of these skin disorder are dishydrosis, also known as housewife's eczema. Itchy little bumps can appear on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet, as well as fingers and toes. It affects the hand and gets worse in hot weather.

Neurodermatitis, as its name suggests, is caused by nervous scratching on a certain part of the body. This area becomes discolored and dry. Part of the treatment for this involves attempting to change the behaviour through counselling or relaxation techniques.

The medical profession has traditionally treated all these conditions with steroid medications. But these can have undesired side effects. Steroid cream can affect the skin in the long term, making it thin and fragile. If you touch your eyes without washing your hands after applying this, you can also develop serious illnesses, such as cataracts.

Natural eczema treatments can be readily found online. They are a much safer option, with no undesired side effects. Getting rid of stress and a few dietary changes, in addition to these natural remedies, can also be very helpful..

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