Preserve Your Home Using A Gutter System

By George Turkson

As a way for your home's gutter system to function properly it needs regular maintenance. When you are planning on selling your house, one suggestion expressed by realtors, is to make sure that your gutters have no bent areas. Your house has a much better potential for selling when certain things have been done, and one of those is gutters that are clean and well-maintained.

The majority of home improvement experts suggest that gutters be cleaned twice a year. The rainwater won't be able to run off in the required manner when the gutters have been allowed to become plugged up with leaves, twigs and other materials. If rainwater happens to be running over the top of your gutters instead of being led away by them, they are not doing their job, which is to allow the correct drainage of water and protect your foundations. This may even lead to damage to the foundation of your home. In the Fall, once the leaves have fallen from all of the trees, and then in the Spring are the two times annually you should clean your gutters.

While you are cleaning the gutters is a good time to look for damage, such as loose nails and rusty places or holes. Nails can and do come wobbly after a while, so check them to guarantee that the gutter is properly fastened to the house. Once the debris has been taken away from the gutters, any that is still left, needs to be rinsed down the gutters with your garden hose, and down the downspout. This will also make sure that no debris is clogged in the downspout. A downspout is going to be simple and easy to take off and clean if you see that water is not flowing easily down it. If you use concrete or plastic diverters, the water passing through the downspout could be properly redirected. This can stop soil erosion below the downspout exit.

Putting in gutter guards helps keep out debris, so that you will never have to clean them, but you will still need to examine them twice a year. Adding the gutter guards on your own will save thousands of dollars in professional service fees, and luckily it is not difficult to do. Because of the expense, some people don't think gutter guards are worth the money. Even though gutter guards will keep out the larger-sized matter like the bigger leaves, smaller leaves and other debris can still gain entry. You will still discover stuff like seeds, bits of twigs and bark, pine needles and flower petals and buds still entering.

After a while, as the organic matter of all these kinds break down, they form debris that collects in the gutters. It can also accumulate over the gutter guard's screening and then must be manually removed. Because of these things, many people have found out that the gutter guards, actually cause them problems.

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