You Can Find Room Dividers From Various Materials

By Kevin Mai

Room dividers can be made of a variety of materials or even recycled items. They function in just about any room in or out of the house. And the uses of room dividers are limited only by your willingness to try.

The most familiar divider is often a self-unit that is open to both sides. This provides display and storage space as well as delineates the space. Sofa tables and other pieces of furniture can do double duty as well. But there are lots of other options.

Another common item for setting apart portion of a room is screen. Some screens have three sections and can stand on their own. While these screens may be light and easy to move, some are made from extremely heavy particle board or metal.

Dividing a room can provide you with extra living space that can function differently than the rest of the room. A business area or work desk, a hobby nook or study area would be prime examples of why a room divider can be useful. You can have privacy without isolation.

Studio apartments are the real test of room division. They use about every option known to man. They need to use every inch of space at least two times. Carts are used for coffee tables and then go into the kitchen for a prep table. The under side of a bunk bed is a concealed office or closet. Every bench can be storage as well as a knee wall.

Just putting your couch in a particular spot can allow it to act as a room divider. Floor coverings can indicate different spaces in the same room as well. One interesting piece of furniture that does an excellent job of dividing an office space is the lawyer desk. This has working space, drawers and knee space on both sides.

A more unusual form of divider is one made of cardboard with a honeycomb texture. This can compress into a small space or stretch out as needed. The cardboard comes in various heights and widths and can curve into circles or waves. Or, you can go green and recycle old screen doors by hinging three of them together for a rustic themed screen divider.

While you are busy dividing your indoor spaces, the outdoors might be in need of some sectioning too. But if the weather is not cooperating, then you can concentrate on using room dividers in the kitchen or bedroom or den or living room or, well, you get the idea.

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