Your Pet Canine Needs A Dog Bed

By Lewis Black

For years, we knew for a fact that our 135 pound Newfoundland slept on the bed - or the couch - while we were gone, so we bought him a memory foam bed and now we don't have that problem any more! The dog's bed functions the similar to that of human. Both humans and dogs enjoy the same benefits of support, and most beneficial for old dogs with joint problems. His bed is located at the end of our bed, where a fan is directly above him. There were many times, when we caught him in a state of nirvana as he just lay in bed on his back with his fur floating in space.

He is one contented dog!

Since he is not getting any younger, we try to keep him happy, fit and healthy so that he can live longer and still be with us for long.BooBoo, as we so affectionately call him, is a most precious part of our lives, and we do spoil him, but not to the extent to be detrimental to his health. He has limitations on food, so we monitor his intake. Even the treats we serve him is healthy.He has a tendency to gulp his food and water, like most creatures do. In just seconds, the food is gone.

Even water, he would gulp it down as well. Research studies indicated that swallowing food in mouthfuls can cause many problems such as acid reflux, overeating tendencies, irregular eating, obstruction of the digestive tract, gagging, queasiness and other digestive problems. Then, we found these very awesome water and food bowls that regulate the pace of his consumption. I think we humans should have one too since we also tend to hasten our eating and drinking as well.

I don't know if you are familiar with the breed, Newfoundland, but they have a very thick coat of fur and a large amount of oily dander. Their fur serves as their protection and insulation from the freezing waters of Newfoundland during rescues. These dogs aren't used to the heat, so they feel uncomfortable during the summer.

His coat makes a distinctive smell and sheds many hairs. He starts to smell awful during winter. His coat takes a while to get dry that is why we don't like to bathe him during winter.So we had to find an alternative for bathing. Indeed, we found it.We came across an amazing brush that uses negative ions without water or chemicals to clean and remove odor, and it even untangles matted fur. It benefits all of us. BooBoo stays clean all the time during summer and winter, and we won't have any more problems of him smelling bad.

Yes, we do pamper our pets. However, they bless us with so much. If you want your dog to grow old with you, make sure he/she stays in good physical condition with a proper diet, exercise and rest. Most of all, love, love, love.

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