How Do You Pick the Right Baby Monitor?

By Ali Garcia

Parents looking to find a baby monitor may be in for a surprise when they find out that it's not as easy as it used to be to choose. A decade ago, you may have only found a monitor which could only do a few things, but now you can practically find one which will practically do everything, just short of changing your baby's diaper for you! Maybe you are looking to have all of the latest high-tech gadgets, or you might simply want the most simple baby monitor out there; you really only need to use these tips to help you choose.

Word of mouth is always a good place to start; what brands would your friends and family recommend? This can be a good way to eliminate certain monitors from your list because they are defective in some way. If you want to find out which baby monitors are a good value, asking people you know can be the best place to start. Another advantage to this is that someone may give you one that they no longer use. In this case, you'd be saving yourself both time and money. Remember that when you ask about monitors, you want to know specifics. Vague responses that don't tell you anything about the product won't help you much.

How noisy are your surroundings? If you work from home and constantly have your phone ringing, or have other external sounds interfering a lot, you may want to choose a system which also includes a visual aid.

Since you can't stop every little noise from occurring around you, you will find comfort in using this kind of system, because it visually alerts you when your baby is in distress, so that you become aware, even if you can't hear it. These are especially important if one or both of the parents is hearing impaired.

It's important to consider the battery life, because if you frequently forget to charge your other electronic devices or don't want to always have to be changing the batteries, then you will want a system, which at least can last overnight. There are monitoring systems which have the rechargeable battery option equipped with a charging station, and there are systems which allow you to plug the receiver into an outlet overnight for backup protection, but once again, it all depends on the type of battery life you want. When you and your family are searching for the right baby monitor, you can use many methods for making your final choice. If there are certain features that you think are critical, you can buy a monitor that has these. If someone you trust highly recommends a certain brand or model, this may be all you need. Consumer groups can provide you with helpful independent reviews of monitors. Web surfing can give you lots of information if you read the consumer reviews on sites like Amazon. Then there is the old fashioned, offline way to do research: simply go to the store and look around, comparing features and prices. You should only make sure that you've considered every possible feature that's important to you. You can't always be in the same room as your baby, so this device has to serve as your eyes and ears during these times! This is one case where you don't want something that's second best!

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