Long Island Implant Dentists And The Laser Periodontal Therapy

By Paul Nash

Long Island implant dentists know that people would lose their teeth because of gum disease more than have gum surgery. Now a lot of people are deciding to utilize the FDA-approved Laser Periodontal Therapy to cure their gum disease and also avoid cut and stitch gum surgery. Of course, you can have your dessert and eat it too.

In laser periodontal surgery, a laser light is utilized to help kill bacteria inside the pockets and take away diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue untouched. Tartar is taken out from the roots and the laser is utilized to form a reconnection between the root and the gum in order to reduce the pocket.

The pros:

- gums certainly not lifted from the bone, so no scalpels or stitches are needed

- light, conservative and minimally invasive

- great for treating deep pockets

- high-tech therapy; FDA approved to cure gum disease

- can regrow lost bone.

The disadvantages:

- eating restrictions during healing phase;

- all the teeth receive laser treatment to kill the unwanted organisms that can give rise to relapse. Even teeth having shallow pockets may possibly have harmful bacteria and need to be cleaned

- bite must be adjusted to remove harmful forces which inhibit new bone growth

- people who grind their teeth might need to put on a night guard in order to reduce extra strain on the teeth and wake up having relaxed jaw muscles.

These pros and cons are meant to be a basic overview only and are not intended to provide treatment advice to any specific person. Treatment selections should be made between a patient and their dental practitioner. But, how can the magic of the laser cure gum disease?

A: Once numb, the depth of the pocket is correctly measured.

B: Laser light selectively removes the diseased and infected tissue from the inside of the pocket. The laser is very exact that it does not affect the healthy tissue. The laser light also kills the bacteria in the pocket.

C: Special scalers are used to remove the tartar. The tartar has been loosened by the laser light therefore it comes off more easily than during traditional scaling.

D: Laser light is once again utilized, but at a different setting. This move with the laser produces a solid clot which connects the gum to the root surface forming a fibrin clot.

E: The tissue is pressed against the root surface and the fibrin clot forms on top of the gum.

F: The bite is adjusted so the teeth do not traumatize each other whenever you chew. A night guard also is used to get rid of the excessive forces from the teeth and enable the maximum healing. We will provide you with special eating recommendations to improve the effects.

The particular procedure is actually fast. Usually it takes just 2-2 hour sessions with the laser. The procedure is also comfortable. Most people take just a Tylenol or Advil afterwards. And it really works. It's the only FDA-approved procedure for the treatment of gum disease. Histological studies show that LANAP can regrow new bone as well as brand new attachment to the teeth.

A lot of patients choose Long Island Implant dentists to do either the laser periodontal therapy or dental implants in Long Island on their own. They've heard of him by means of word of mouth from a friend, relative or co-worker. A lot of of our patients find out about us online. We welcome all new patients. You do not have to be referred by a dental professional or physician.

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