You Can Find Cheap Holidays And Cheap Holiday Deals To Malta

By Wayne Bromiley

It is not difficult to find cheap holidays and cheap holiday deals to Malta. With a few simple inquiries you may find a great place to stay. You can find wonderful places to explore and unique adventures.

Accommodations in Malta can range from simply sublime to rustic, depending on where you want to stay. For those needing the touch of luxury, the five star Hotel Phoenicia in Valletta offers everything you could want or need. Those who are looking for something a little less expensive, but still high quality and service might check out the Rokna in the Pacheville section of St. Julian. This quiet comfortable hotel is close to everything: the market and a bit of the nightlife too. Those with families would enjoy the Cornucopia on the Island of Gozo. This smaller hotel offers personal service and customer care which makes it a perfect place for families with children to enjoy.

While in Malta, be sure to enjoy lots of the native cuisine. Mediterranean cooking is the norm here - offering fresh local and seasonal produce and seafood all year round. With the ocean surrounding this island, you can be sure to find exquisite seafood meals just about anywhere.

For those who have always wanted to learn to dive, Malta is a great place to learn. If you are staying close to Sliema, the diving outfit Scubanauts will come and pick you up at your hotel while you take their diving courses. At the end of the day, they drive you back, saving you time and trouble. If you are in Saint Julian, check out the Cresta Dive Centre for diving adventures, fit for the whole family. Once you have passed your initial diving classes, you can go on short expeditions with a guide. Cresta's tours include a chance for your whole family to swim through caves, explore an underwater shrine and perhaps even feed some fish by hand.

Home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Malta is a seat of ancient architecture, technology and religion. The megalithic temples that stand are testament to the incredible building skills of early humanity in this incredible area. Discovered by a stone mason in 1902, the Hypogeum is just one of these incredible sites, which features underground chambers which have been hewn directly out of the rock. This structure, which covers more than 500 square meters, is thought to have been built between 3600 and 3300 BCE and shows the ingenuity of early peoples. There are more than ten destinations where you can immerse yourself in the rich history of Malta. These megalithic temples are considered to be the oldest free-standing structures in Europe.

Malta is a place that is in touch with its past. It acknowledges its history and connection to it through the architecture, food and languages that are prevalent here. While most natives here speak Maltese (a language which is semitic in origin), because of the people who come and go, almost everyone speaks English, Italian or French as well.

Because of its history, Malta also has deep religious roots. It is said that the early Saint Paul became shipwrecked on one of the Maltese islands centuries ago. Because of his evangelism, the Island is predominantly Christian and Roman Catholic. Indeed, one of the places in Valletta to visit is St. John`s Co-Cathedral, home to two masterpieces by the artist Caravaggio. Some of the other places of historical significance include the Palace in Valletta, as well as the ancient Maltese nobleman`s home known as the Cassa Rocca Piccola.

This tiny Southern European Country consists of an archipelago of islands in the Mediterranean sea. At once the smallest country in Europe, it is also the most densely populated and has the greatest lingual diversity in one place. While native Maltese people speak their native language, Maltese, they also speak English, Italian and French, making this destination a perfect place for any international traveler to holiday.

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