Edward Will Teach You About Being A Pirate - Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas For 2011

By Rand Fortescue

Pirates have been in the news reports in recent times for taking over naval vessels off the horn of Africa or battling it out with world naval forces however they are probably not the pirates that someone getting ready for Halloween is interested in.

No, your Halloween party goer is more fascinated with the Jack Sparrow like swashbucklers from the Golden Age of Pirates. And this is certainly where Edward comes in. To be exact, where Edward Teach comes in. For Edward Teach was none other than the notorious Blackbeard, possibly one of the recognized pirates of that point in time. So what can Edward teach you as regards being a pirate this Halloween ?

Edward Teach started off as a privateer. A privateer was essentially a pirate that was allowed by Britain to run amok on the high seas, notably in the Caribbean waters. Britain did not have the naval clout to equal the likes of Spain and also France to some point. Plus they were a little anxious or nervous that all the gold and other bits and pieces of treasure that these European nations were bringing back from the New world would challenge Britain's position in the world and Europe.

Actually, they had been at war with both of these countries all through the years and possibly feared that if they got too powerful, they may endeavor to invade Britain again.

So they let the likes of Edward Teach pursue Spanish and French boats and generally steal their loot or booty or whatever you want to call it - gold doubloons and what not. And Edward and his crew were pretty successful at it.

Edward grew to become a fine leader of men, a brave fighter and an excellent seamen.

Then the British outlawed privateers and started calling them pirates. This in due course lead Teach to come into conflict with the Royal Navy boats in the Caribbean and off the waters of the new colonies in North America.

Pretty apoplectic by the double standards, he started to nurture a violent and barbarous appearance which is now associated with the Blackbeard look. As the name suggests he allowed his beard to grow lengthy and thick and it just so happened to be black so that was a plus point.

In a single notorious event, when Queen Anne's Revenge was readying to board a French ship, Teach decided to wear lit cannon fuses in his hair. This combined with the barbarous beard give him a demonic, maniacal and wild look. The French commander, possibly affected by the crazed guise, presently surrendered with little more than a lightweight skirmish.

This is the look you must take on if you really need to make an impression at the Halloween revelry. It is even the look that Jack Sparrow has in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is guaranteed to make as much of an impact on the other Halloween revelers as it did on that unfortunate French maritime captain all those years ago.

Of course, do not utilize real cannon fuses. Costume version's including an excellent Blackbeard attire taken from the current Pirates of the Caribbean film are accessible. Along with the Jack Sparrow costume is always popular and immediately recognizable.

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