Feline Friends

By Amanda C. McIntosh

My friend's crazy about cats. She takes care of them, and even provided them a home which is part of her house. The foreign ones that she has, she reproduces them. Now, there are almost twelve cats that are staying with her in her home. Like a little house small enough for cats to stay in, she made it with the ramps, windows, and covered porches. There are also runways for cats and rooms using little shelves. If cats have beauty products, she had those as well. The cats also have their own sleeping tunnels and beds, only miniature though. She even films them and sends me a copy. One time, she caught on video her cats, the one sleeping being pounced by another who was such a nuisance making a huge disturbance in the room!

Miacas, a kind of specie that existed only 50 million years ago was supposed to be the source of the animals that we have now, particularly raccoons, dogs, bears and cats. These animals are similar to a weasel that has five claws that can be pulled back in.

Around 3500 B. C., Egyptians were treasuring domesticated wildcats as their pets. Their ability in hunting were portrayed by the Egyptians through artworks. Egyptians also thought that the sunlight was enclosed in the cat's eyes. Cats were highly revered during the 1500 B.C. and it was fatal for any individual takes the life of a cat. If an owner lost his/her pet cat that he/she adored so much, they trimmed their eyebrows as a sign of unhappiness, and the cat was then made into a mummy.

Cats were transported by Phoenician and Greek traders to Europe and Asia by 1000 B.C. They remained to be awed for their knack for hunting and curbing the rodent populace.

It was in Europe where the original cat show was held, during 1871 in London, England. By 1887, the first cat association was instituted. What later followed for people everywhere that adore cats very much is written in history.

Once, when my mother was ill, I had to run errands. A friend of hers said she would stay with her while I was gone. During that time, my mom and her friend Lucy were both in their late sixties. When I got home, mother was asleep on one couch and her friend, Lucy, on the other. Lucy was sleeping like a log but sounded like a motor running because of her snores. Mom's cat was on her chest, staring at Lucy's mouth and nose. I guess she was wondering what this new purring creature was that fascinated her so. And every time Lucy breathed, her chest went up and down, the cat with it. I roused my mom from her slumber so that she could witness how amusing and priceless it was. When my mom's friend Lucy opened her eyes, she was looking directly into the eyes of a curious cat. Lucy thought she was in a dream but suddenly realized that she wasn't when we burst out laughing. She could never forget about it. Mom and Lucy reminisced about it every now and then as they grew even older.

Our feline friends have given us hours of affection and quiet moments with a feeling of satisfaction. We are entertained and amused by their prying actions. The cats also get the best love and health care that they deserve. Moreover, you can even include items that will keep them entertained and sleep and play areas that are relaxing for them to settle in. Mwow!

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