The First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy, What Should I Expect?

By Linda Sy

When a woman is 12 weeks pregnant, she should expect several things to happen to her body. At this point, the baby is about 2.1 to 2.5 inches long inside the womb. During the 12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is growing at a faster rate so the mom to be should expect a lot of changes to happen to her.

As your baby grows, the expectant mother may experience heartburn symptoms. This is because of hormonal changes that causes the digestive function to slow down, thus the heartburn. To avoid its occurrence, the pregnant woman should avoid spicy and hot foods as well as big meals. Instead, she should eat in small, frequent amount every day.

There are also women who are 12 weeks pregnant who experience either food carvings or food aversion. The mother's instinct would be a great way when it comes to choosing food such as skim milk as a sourcefor calcium and meat, for iron.

Morning sickness and vomiting should also be anticipated. Most women hate this part, but this is normal. To prevent the frequency, women can take ginger tea, nuts and seeds to increase their intake of zinc and Vitamin B6.

A woman who is 12 weeks pregnant may also experience dizziness as her hormones are rapidly changing. Progesterone is the primary suspect in this. A pregnant woman would usually experience a lower than usual blood sugar level as well as blood flow to the brain which, in turn, gives rise to dizziness. In order to prevent getting dizzy, the pregnant mother should eat right regularly and have enough rest. Although the severity can vary from one woman to the next, majority of them would still feel these signs and symptoms during the first trimester.

You can find points that you simply may well actually really feel unconfortable duirng the 12 weeks pregnancy or along this phase but you will need to obtain a lot more prepared for the following week. May well be a bit tougher but its all rewarding afterwards.

Congratulations for becoming soon to be mum!

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