How The Greatest Reliable Mace Pepper Spray Pistol Is My Mace Pepper Gun

By Duwg E Myrre

I and my 5 year old son were in a bank to make a deposit when a bank robber entered and declared a holdup. I was at the far end of the bank so it was the least of my worry if ever he included all the people within and takes all our hand-carried possessions.

The robbery was carried out smoothly and he took a big sum from the bank and from most of the clients inside. As he was about to leave, he noticed that authorities were outside and waiting for him. He turned back and looked at everybody. Suddenly, he looked at me and my son. It was then that fear crept within me as he eyed my son as a hostage, or so I thought.

I felt for the Mace pepper spray pistol in my clutch bag. I had never used it before but may use it now.

I chose the Mace Pepper Gun as my self defense gadget because I can use it even if the subject is 25 feet away. With the very potent OC content, LED light to aid in aiming, and bag-in-the-can technology of this Mace Pepper spray pistol, I am sure to render an attacker helpless.

This Mace pepper spray pistol is a set of the pepper gun dispenser, a 28 gram OC cartridge, a water test cartridge and batteries to supply the LED light.

I carry with me a blue/black Mace pepper spray pistol while my wife chose the pink colored one.

A Mace Pepper Gun uses a very potent formulation that would cause the mucous membrane of the eyes to swell, thus, forcibly shutting them. Pain in the chest and incessant coughing and choking would ensue. For about 45 minutes, the subject sprayed on would be temporarily incapacitated.

As the bank robber was approaching us and reaching for his gun at the back of his waist, I already was aiming at him the Mace Pepper Gun and did not hesitate to use it on him before he could aim his gun at me. I did not fear since my son's life was on the line.

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