Memorization Done With The Help Of Visualization

By Yolanda Reyes

Improving your memory can be done in so many sundry ways - in fact, memorization is an endless loop of possibilities that never seems to stop. This is the fun part of memorization - that anybody of any age can actually still learn and improve (or maintain) his or her memorization skills. If maintaining a good memory is just your aim, then memory improvement methods are still the best answer to it.

Memorization improvement is essential in trying to learn more than one thing at the same time. Human nature dictates that remembering germane information is important, and our memory is responsible for storing such details in our memory cache for as long as we could. So now that we have established such fact, it is easy to see how memory improvement techniques are effective in their own way, not to mention inexpensive ways of improving memory retention skills. But this does not mean we should solely rely on the known memorization methods to do all our dirty work just because they are there at our disposal twenty four-seven, three hundred sixty five days a year. Life is largely about self-improvement as well, and you want to make memorization help towards this noble end.

This is a method analogous to how visual learners would rather memorize information - it's just as simple and straightforward as memorizing things with the help of visual aids. Information will continuously be retained through a certain technique if a person is fully comfortable in specializing in such technique, medium or whatnot. Even then, a person who is not exposed to using visuals in memorizing or simply retaining information can still take advantage of learning visually. The point we are trying to make is that retrieving vital information is easier if you visualize things, may you be trying to remember dates, names, numbers, the whole lot.

Imagine this - you've got Dumbo the cartoon elephant, hanging from a clothes line, with his gigantic ears clipped with clothes pins, but NOT weighing down the line - simple, isn't it? Isn't it amusing how we could use our visuo-spatial capacity to create images more vivid than your average children's cartoon? But an even more inspiring aspect of the human mind is its ability to piece each detail together just by thinking about it.

Anyone can surely think of a scene easily where a big elephant hanged by both its ears in a clothes line and yet, the line doesn't weigh down. It is amazing how our visual abilities are able to produce vivid images for us. But what is most amazing is how we're able to lay down the details by just thinking about it. You don't need to give your noggin a serious floggin' - all it takes is some initiative for your mind to fully utilize its capacity to memorize.

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