The Very Last Thing You Want When You're Pregnant

By Julie Johnson

For some unfortunate females hemorrhoids during pregnancy is almost a given. The pressure of carrying and having a baby puts an enormous amount of strain on the rectum and anus. It cannot be avoided when pushing out the baby. Sometimes blood veins are broken but they can be mended without surgery.

Hemorrhoids are broken veins in the rectal and anal cavity when too much strain is applied when pushing out stool or during child birth. You can not really get them from sitting on a cold surface which happens to be an old wives story. You can nonetheless , get them from sitting too long without moving. Most women get them during childbirth but if they've got a chance to heal then you won't have to suffer the discomfort of having hemorrhoids.

When you get piles when pregnant you'll have to change your diet so your stool is softer than normal. Eating more fruit and vegetables when pregnant is better for your infant too. They help the bowel process food better so you don't have the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids. Treatment can be in the shape of creams or suppositories that can help the area become less inflamed. That is what causes the pain.

The bleeding can occur when the veins break. The harder your stool the worse your hemorrhoids will be. The soreness requires some help to relax since you can not go without a bowel movement. Soaking in a hot bath with herbs is a way to calm the hemorrhoids down and lessen the swelling.

Another method is to apply a cotton pad drenched with witch hazel. You can leave it there for a period but change it frequently. Also, try to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Sitting just keeps them inflamed and distended and they want an opportunity to heal. Sitting on them just makes them worse. You may use ice packs if they are really bad. They will heal if you can get the swelling down.

Another technique is to use turmeric. That's right, the spice that's in curry. But do not use the curry powder. Find an herb shop and get some whole turmeric and put it in capsules and take two a day or as much as you want. Turmeric's properties are anti-inflammatory. That means it brings down the inflamed tissue or veins and gives your piles a chance to heal.

If you do develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy then keeping the area clean is obligatory so they don't get any worse. If you use something from a drug store then use caution that it does not contain alcohol or scents. These will make the hemorrhoids worse, and, they will burn and sting the area.

As much as child birth is a miracle of life, it does hold some unpleasant complications, and that includes piles. While pregnant be certain that your diet is full with foods your digestive tract can easily handle.

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