Allergy Friendly Flower

By Pri Vag

Unfortunately there are some people that are allergic to flowers and a well intentioned gift of beautiful blooms could end up causing them an uncomfortable bout of sneezing, streaming eyes and stuffed up nose. But do not fear as there are many allergy-friendly flowers out there to choose from, keep reading to find out more.

Flowers in Hospital Over the years hospitals have developed specific policies in different wards regarding the gift of flowers, so to avoid disappointment for both you and the recipient it may be an idea to call the patients ward ahead of time to check all is good with your gift idea. IF the hospital is okay with you bringing flowers as a present you should still consider the other patients when choosing your specific blooms. There is a very good reason as to why hospitals have these policies mainly due to allergy sufferers but also to ensure that the strong scents that some flowers produce do not annoy surrounding patients, staff on the ward or visiting guests. Finally if the patient is very poorly, the care it takes to look after the bouquet may fall on the already very busy nurses on the wards.

Below are some ideas on ways to ensure hospital friendly bouquets: Choose allergy friendly flowers with subtle or no scent at all (more information on these below) Select the hardiest flowers and foliage minimizing the care involved to look after the bouquet Go for a small or compact display so the gift does not take up too much space on the ward

Allergy-Friendly Sufferers It is exciting to know that there are more and more hypo-allergenic hybrids being developed however at present the ones that are available are quite hard to come by and a little bit more pricy than conventional flowers.

Rather strangely to avoid allergic reactions choose flowers with large pollen pods as if it cannot get into the eyes, nose and mouth it will not be able to create a reaction at all.

Why not consider a Non-Flowering Bouquet or plant? There is a huge array of beautiful, distinctive and interesting looking foliage on the market these days available in a range of exciting colours, textures and forms. Beads, berries, cones, feathers etc can be added to add more appeal and even more amazingly the bouquet will last longer and need less attention than flowers themselves!

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