Benefits Of Being Involved In Your Child's Education

By Richard Horowitz

It has been shown many times over in research studies that a parent who is involved in their child's education has a positive impact. It's reflected in improved grades and test scores, strong attendance, a higher rate of homework completion, higher graduation rates, improved attitudes and behaviors in the child, as well as the child being more likely to become involved in positive extra-curricular activities. You should make sure your child knows that you support learning, starting from a very young age.

Probably the most important element of a positive learning environment at home is structure. But what is the right amount? If you let the child get away with too much or you lower your expectations too much, your child might get off track or lose motivation. However, an environment that's too rigid also causes the child to feel insecure about meeting your high expectations, and might cause too much pressure.

So, what is the best way to compromise and provide an optimum learning environment?

Your child should have the advantage of a working area where he can study without being distracted. Children usually do better when they have a private study area away from interruption. If the child prefers to work in the kitchen, all other family members and activities should not be allowed in. Be sure to provide all materials your child needs to work, and also that the area has good light. No matter where in the house it is, the area your child works in should be quiet and good for learning.

Set a regular time to do homework. To help your child make homework a habit, schedule a set time each day for homework. And maybe your child would do better with shorter homework periods rather than sitting for a solid block of time. Discussing individual needs with your child will help you come up with the right environment. Also, make sure your child has a break from the time they come home until they start working, to make sure they can let go of stress accumulated at school.

Teach your child strategies to keep up with homework and different assignments. This can be a difficult chore for some students. Developing a successful way of keeping track of assignments then scratching them off as completed helps them develop a productive method for accomplishing tasks later in life.

Develop a positive line of communication with your child's teacher. Teachers love to work with parents that are willing to play a role in their children's education. Whether it's notes sent back and forth in your child's backpack or an e-mail correspondence, make sure your teacher knows your open for suggestions as how to better assist them in the homework and study process at home.

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