Getting More RSS Feed Subscribers to Your Blog for Greater Success

By Enrique Richard

It doesn't take much to start and run a blog these days, but when it comes to gaining and retaining subscribers, it sure can be difficult. There are lots of different methods for gaining subscribers for your blog's RSS feed but it is not necessary to use each method or that they work well for you. In this article we will highlight three methods for increasing your blog's RSS subscriber numbers...of course, the only way to find out if the methods will work for you is to test them out. So here you go...

Release a Series of Posts: People that read blogs are usually looking for detailed information and targeted knowledge that they can't find elsewhere. It doesn't matter what kind of niche you're targeting with your blog, if you want your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed, you need to give them something they can stick to it, or something that would want them to stay updated. Many popular blogs will release series of posts from time to time, that are sequential posts designed to really expand on a topic and usually link to each other. This is an excellent way to show your readers that you have plenty of information to offer, but they need to come back to read what else you have to say. Breaking up your post idea into a number of posts, you create a series that your readers look forward to. If you can do successfully, then guess what? People will start signing up to your RSS feed so they can find out when the next post in your series will be released.

Show a Humorous Side: Most people tend to lead busy lives, which is why they tend to turn to the Internet for a break away from it all. Often the small, light-hearted touches from time to time in posts are those that make people smile or take notice, which can be a good incentive to get people signing up for your RSS feed. You might usually write serious or factual stuff on your blog, but adding a touch of humor always attracts attention. Your blog visitors will appreciate the light-hearted touch. Instead of just having somewhere for people to subscribe to your feed, add a humorous touch or something fun that makes them take notice. Don't go overboard with this approach though.

Testimonials on Subscribe Page: Many webmasters make the mistake of only having a subscription sign up form on their opt-in page. This page can be a great opportunity to show new readers your testimonials. Visitors to your blog will feel more relaxed about subscribing when they see good comments. Send an email out to your existing subscribers and ask them if they'll offer you some feedback you can use. You can also go back through previous posts and see if you can find any positive comments left on those that you can use.

There are plenty of ways to entice people to sign up to your RSS feed,sobe patient andpersistentand you'll see the resultsyou want.

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