Keeping Your Baby Healthy And Warm Throughout The Cold Months Of The Year

By Mark Walters

No parent wants their baby to be cold or unhealthy during the long months of winter. Babies, unlike adults, do not have the body mass to help them keep nice and warm, so it is up to the parents to ensure that their precious bundle be kept comfortable and happy at all times, whether going out in the car or grocery shopping in a stroller or pram. Tucking it up in blankets is ok when out walking, but is not a good idea at night for sleeping, as they tend to overheat the baby during the night. This unhealthy situation can encourage the baby to get a heat rash.

Guidelines show that a baby should be placed flat on its back when it is put down to sleep and should not be covered by blankets or have its' head raised. They should get the heat they need from a properly heated room and the heating should be left on and at a comfortable temperature. The sheets that are under the child should be of a material that will generate heat for them.

Dressing the baby sensibly for bed is always going to be important. Put them in all in one sleeping items ensuring that their hands and feet are covered and if there is the feeling that a little extra heat is needed than zip up baby blankets can be used. If there is the need to put a blanket on the baby make sure it is secured and they will not crawl under it.

Should it be necessary to take your baby out early on a cold winter morning, then the easiest way for keeping babies warm, is to put on clothing that is easy to take on and off, as babies are usually not keen on being dressed first thing in the day. Zipped up snowsuits are ideal for this exercise, with their form-fitting legs and arms, and snug hoods as a protection for their heads and ears for keeping out the cold. They are usually water repellent as well, so you do not have to be perturbed if caught in a shower.

Keeping clothes on the baby can be difficult so by using items such as boots and glovers that are tied on there is less chance of them losing them and being left cold. Look for blankets that have wither ties or Velcro as they are much more likely to stay in place and be effective.

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