Rabbits as a house pet?

By Elliot Collier

Rabbits are becoming a very popular option for people who look for smaller animals to keep inside. Traditionally rabbits were kept in the garden in a hutch; however, people who have no gardens can still have a rabbits. These fantastic pets are extremely sociable, loving animals that thrive off human affection. If you research well and understand how to keep them inside, they will be very happy.

House rabbits are not confined to a cage all of the time, and will have a dedicated sleeping area like any other pets. Rabbits are exceedingly active at dusk and dawn and will tend to run around a great deal during this period. If you do not want to be disturbed, shutting them out of your bedroom is advised until they have calmed down. Rabbit tend to sleep a vast amount during the day; however, will soon wake to play if prompted.

If you want a truly loving pet to own, rabbits are ideal and are perfect for all ages in the household. They are the ideal size for young children, and are remarkably playful and active if encouraged. Rabbits are inexpensive pets to purchase and do not take a sizeable amount of care. However, they will still need regular checkups at the vets, vaccinations and the correct food.

If you decide that you want to keep your rabbit inside the home, they will continue to display the behavior of a wild rabbit. Therefore, they will want to burrow and find somewhere safe to sleep, which dark and comfortable. You have to be aware that rabbits will chew, and this can be your furniture, cables, clothing and shoes.

Many people who have rabbits as house pets will place them in a cage when they leave the house, or even overnight in some cases. This is fine, and the rabbit will be happy in the cage as long as it is clean and warm. You will need to ensure that you let the rabbit out for exercise and human contact during the day.

You may be concerned about how messy your house will get with the house rabbit; however, they are no messier than other pets. If you want an animal in your home, you have to realize there will be some form of mess. You have to understand that all pets are a commitment for life, and rabbits can live for many years. Ensuring that you have the time and money for pets is essential before rushing out to purchase them.

There are many different breeds of rabbit available, and you have to decide which one you want as a pet. Rabbits have unique personalities and will fit in with most households, even those with other animals. Depending on the other pets you own, your new rabbit will be able to play with them happily. In some households, even dogs learn to love the new furry creature, and allow them to share their beds.

Taking the time to research the different rabbits available and style of the cage that you will need for a house rabbit will ensure that you are prepared. Rabbits make ideal pets for small children, people with very little outside space, and homes that cannot have dogs and cats.

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