Steps To Making A Captain America Halloween Costume

By Patrik Moore

As Captain America has arrived in cinemas this year, the expectation is for him to be present at the end of October as fans don the look of their favourite American patriot. With this in mind, it is highly likely that any Captain America Halloween costume should be in ample supply.

Most costume stores should carry the outfit, but with the low price tag can come the low quality and some fans may not be content with the looks given. Superheroes typically have a high standard of looks, and an avid fan might want to emulate this, though specialist stores are often incredibly expensive.

In order to make your own costume, the first step is deciding which style to pay homage to. In the film we see the hero using a firearm, whilst in comics he was a hand to hand specialist. This is not only an aesthetics dilemma to consider, but also a legal one as the police patrol looking for deviant revelers.

Similarly, the shield Cap uses has typically been a circular type, but he has on a few occasions used a heater shield. The round shield measures at 2.5 feet wide, so plastic or something similarly light might be the preferred material to use rather than the vibranium-iron alloy in comics.

The colours of the costume are red, white and blue, with stars and stripes as though the patriotism wasn't obvious enough. The mask is light blue with gaps for the eyes, and a large space over the nose and mouth. Above the ears, a pair of wings symbolize freedom.

The torso in the comics was made of something akin to scale, but cloth should be a viable alternative. Light blue in colour, a five point star, in white, is across the center of the chest. Around the abdomen a circle of red and white vertical lines gives a girdle appearance to the suit.

The blue from the torso stops at the arms around halfway between the shoulder and elbow. Presumably from there down it is all white, and a pair of red gloves are donned over the top, extending halfway to the elbow. Blue trousers with folded over red boots, might be difficult to find nowadays, but it's possible to modify some wellingtons.

The circular shield has three rings of red, then white, then red, and blue at the center with a white star similar to the chest. The heater shield has three stars at the top on a blue background, and vertical lines with blue in the center and edges, flanked on each side by whites, and two reds flanking those.

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