After Tree Removal - What Happens To The Stump

By Mike Turner

Sometimes property have to look into tree removal. It's kind of sad, as many of these trees are very old, but it is a fact of life and nature. At times, the stumps may be allowed to remain, and they may even end up being useful. Tree stumps may be used as seats in backyards, in an effort to convey a natural feel and look for the area. But most of the time, stumps can be extremely undesirable, and in some cases, extremely unattractive. In circumstances like these, tree stump removal options will have to be used.

There are numerous techniques to take out tree stumps. Each have advantages and disadvantages.

The best, fastest, yet most pricey way to get rid of tree stumps would be to purchase a grinder. Normally, tree experts have the service of stump grinding offered in their tree removal service bid, so they will automatically remove the stump.

Burning is an alternative, but it requires excellent caution. The reason is the flames from the fire can very easily get out of control if they're not controlled correctly. And smoke is hazardous to the people around it. Whenever done properly, though, it can be a cost effective and quick method to eliminate the stump. This is not an option everywhere, because fire codes will often prohibit it.

A far more eco-friendly way is to simply take out the tree stump using pitchforks, shovels, and chainsaws. To do this, grind as close to the earth as is possible while using the chainsaw. Next, excavate around the stump while using the shovel, and get below the stump while using the pitchfork. Once the tree roots appear to be loosened, utilize the pitchfork to pry the stump out. Although this strategy can be done simply with the smaller stumps, the stumps resulting from larger trees could prove to be harder.

And lastly, special chemicals can be used, that expedite the rotting and decaying process . When the toxins have been placed, within 3 to 4 weeks the leftover stump are simple to break into little fragments and then may be thrown away.

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