Thinking of a Theme for Lodge Decor? Try Rustic Furniture

By William Johnny Pete

A lodge is known as a temporary shelter with an odd mixture of modern and antique furniture. The most fundamental things inside a lodge include a bed, a cabinet and a table. More rural lodges may be equipped with a collection of rustic furniture that are used for practical purposes. Some lodge owners know that installing a mish mash of rustic decor will be more practical than installing built-in furnishings like shelves.

If you have a small space at home that could serve as a lodging area for guests, you may want to adopt the rustic decor typically found in many lodges all over the country. The key to building a lodge-type room is choosing which furnishings go together.

Get a piece that really stands out, like a wooden desk. Repainting may be needed for pieces that are chipped or damaged. The color scheme you choose can depend on your focal point. At the very least, make the two main pieces of furniture go together. For instance, the bed and the desk can both be made of oak.

When choosing which rustic furniture would go well together, watch out for lines, scales and design details. A coffee table with a 1930s design can be sanded and stained to go well with your more modern pieces. Sanding is also recommended if you want to hide imperfections or stains that won't come out. You can also minimize bumps on the surface of your rustic furniture by sanding.

Add upholstery to old rustic chairs to improve their usability. Adding fabric to your rustic pieces will make them look more beautiful. A few yards of pretty fabric with a uniform design can make a difference in your lodge decor. Color and pattern can be the unifying factors if the room's furniture pieces are too varied.

One reality that you have to deal with is that rustic furniture is more susceptible to damage than modern types. It's best to fix and regularly maintain your rustic furniture, especially the ones you use frequently like beds and dressers. If a bed's headboard is damaged, do away with it. But some pieces need fixing, like a damaged drawer that needs more work.

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