Tips To Look After Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

By Yaw Badu

With all of the green issues, the fireplace has lost a little of its glamour, but it still is a favorite spot for many. Sitting in front of the heat of a fireplace, revives many precious memories for a lot of people. The fireplace has many benefits for your home, but there are also a few significant downsides that need to be fixed. As power costs rise, you need to ensure that your fireplace is giving you heat efficiently. Whilst having a fire going in a fireplace keeps the people close to it warm, it actually removes warm air from the rest of the space, causing your furnace to work harder. In the event you don't have a fire lit, the damper is intended to keep heat in. However, dampers are not particularly efficient seals, therefore all the warm air escapes and allows cold air to come into the home.

What the majority of homeowners don't know about their fireplace is that it doesn't do what they think it is doing. As opposed to conserving resources, and heating costs, it is usually adding hundreds of dollars of energy expense. You will find there's a way to take your inefficient fireplace, and remake it into a heat generating system that your budget will love. There tend to be four simple things that you will be able to do to change your fireplace into a cost effect heat resource. These is going to make your fireplace very cost effective and very efficient.

The first step is to remove your damper and swap it with a top sealing damper. This type of damper is placed near the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from coming in. The top sealing damper will keep the air in the home from leaking out and operates very well in hot and cold weather. The seal is simple to install, and can be purchased online. Next, you will need to have a fire-back in the rear part of your open fireplace. It is produced from cast iron and it is used to help the overall look of your fireplace while protecting the back wall from fire damage. The fire-back will take the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back towards the room, increasing the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another means to cut down on fuel bills is to use a fireplace heater, which heats the area by drawing the air into a heat chamber and returning the air back into the room. The fireplace heaters are created as closed systems to make sure they don't produce any smoke but are very effective in keeping your house warm. Last but not least, it is possible to install glass doors which could be the most costly item. If you do your research, you can secure a good price on glass doors and install them yourself. Glass fireplace doors will keep the air in your residence from escaping and it also helps to safeguard your children and pets from fires.

These suggestions are not terribly tough to do and you can buy all of the items from the Internet. Take care of your fireplace and see your energy bill fall.

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