Companion Care: Let Them Feel Loved

By Jessica Pontel

Companion care is a slightly different theoretical methodology concerning patient health care. It has far more emphasis on the social impact of being healthy than strictly the medical or physical version. The idea is that in addition to being well, you have to feel well, which means you need to have some sort of emotional connection to another person.

There are many stories out there about depressed seniors who are physically well cared for, but have no one to connect with, so they drift away into unhappiness. Companion care understands that this situation exists, and specifically targets that emotional void by training individuals to actively engage with their clients, to push them to remain active and connect with the world around them.

That said, agencies that specialize in companion care make it their top priority to match the right people together. It might be based on age, education, common experience, or one of many other factors. These companions will be that social element, as well as helping with things like physical therapy and daily activities like bathing, dressing, and moving around the house.

An internet search for companion care will reveal more options than you believe, with companies large and small all showcasing the best that they have to offer. They all stress the same thing, that emotional and social support is must as important, if not more important, that physical and medical conditioning.

You can expect many basic things from a companion care agent, from the basic ideas like monitoring eating and drinking, medication, and temperature checking, to the slightly more complicated social constructs like engaging in group activities, and promoting the notions of love, compassion, and connection with the world as a whole. People are the answer to loneliness, and companion care agents act on the knowledge.

Companion care isn't necessarily just for the elderly either. There are special programs for children and even pregnant mothers who want extra social support during the birthing process. Look into companion care pamphlets and you'll see a ton of options for families in different situations. But no matter what, everyone needs a friend to be social with, so having a professional friends seems like a brilliant idea when you think about it.

Once the companion care program is started, it will be constantly reassessed to make sure that everyone is getting the proper attention, that the companion is not giving in to unreasonable demands, but is always acting in the best interest of the clients.

So check you stats and your facts, do a little searching around through the internet, and look to see if companion care is something that you would be interested in.

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