A Concise Overview Of Rare French Bulldog Puppies

By Pierre Fontaine

The French Bulldog is part of the group of French Mastiff dogs . It was first bred in England as a smaller version of the English Bulldog but was later interbred with the French Terrier in France and came to be known as the French Bulldog and turned into into a truly international breed.

They produce offspring of two to five puppies in a litter. The ears of the puppy are similar to that of a bat and it has a flat face. They are quite appealing and really sweet. They grow as high as eleven to thirteen inches. As they tend to get elongated or cleft palate, any such malformations must be identified in the puppies and dealt with.

The puppies of the French Bulldogs are play-loving and actively enthusiastic. They depict more intensely the traits of the adults which are boisterous and lively amidst gentleness. The little puppies loiter about others and are very attentive.

The puppies play well with a few other breeds such as the French poodles without causing any problems. They are best suited to be with bigger children, as they cannot stand rash playing which is common with little children. Hence it is advised not to leave them with younger children.

The French Bulldog puppy too has a stubborn character, and hence constant training is a must. As the males are aggressive, they must be taught to obey from the start.

While training the puppies, rough methods should not be used, since harshness tends to provoke certain offensive qualities in their character. However, they do not respond to harsh treatment. You need to be extremely tolerant while training a French Bulldog puppy.

It is essential to groom the puppies though grooming is easy as the puppies only shed very little. It is also necessary to wash their mouths often enough to clean the dribbling saliva and it needs to be enforced from an early age to cultivate the habit as it grows up.

All Bulldog puppies, inclusive of the French Bulldog puppy, do not require much exercise, as physical exertion may cause breathing difficulties. As the puppy is strictly an inside pet, it should be kept away from hot weather. It is also liable for heat strokes when exposed to hot weather.

The French Bulldog puppy is a playful and lively pet and makes a friendly companion. With the correct training techniques it can adapt well enough to become a useful dog.

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