The Importance of Christmas Wreaths

By Tony Ferraro

Christmas wreaths are very substantial during the Christmas season. They are traditionally hung on doors and windows, and even more than the mantle at dinner tables. The significance of these wreaths is some thing much more than as an ornament or decoration. Although this is the contemporary significance that's understood by numerous people, its meaning transcends deep into the Christian faith of both Catholics and Lutherans.

It's believed that the Catholics were the ones who popularized the tradition of hanging Christmas wreaths on doors and that it's through them that the Lutherans also practiced the tradition. Christmas wreaths are also known as Advent wreaths. The name itself implies that the wreaths are utilized throughout the Advent season that is celebrated 4 weeks before Christmas day. The word "advent" comes from the Latin word "adventus" which indicates "coming". Within the English dictionary, the word advent indicates "the arrival of some thing essential or awaited". This word, being used as a name for a season gives great significance.

Putting it all together, the Advent Season is celebrated as an anticipation of the most awaited arrival of Jesus Christ, who is sent by God the Father to save the human race from death brought about by sin. The Latin word "adventus" when translated in Greek is "parousia", which indicates second coming. Even with only this reality, it's not difficult to believe that the use of Advent wreaths takes deep root within the Christian faith.

Advent is really a season observed by many Western Christian churches. It's said to be a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the Nativity of Jesus Christ at Christmas. The Nativity of Jesus, in Christian theology, will be the incarnation of Jesus within the human form, or in easier terms, the birth of Jesus into the human world. However, since the very first Coming of Jesus Christ had already happened a long time ago, Advent is celebrated each as a commemoration of the first Coming and anticipation of the Second Coming, that is on the coming Day of Judgment. For Catholics and Lutherans, the celebration of Advent serves as a reminder for each the original waiting that was done by the Hebrews for the birth of their Messiah also as the waiting of the Christians for the return of Christ. The commemoration in itself is extremely significant to the Christian faith because it reminds Christians of the things that Jesus Christ has carried out for the salvation of the globe. The anticipation of the Second Coming is equally significant since it reminds Christians that Jesus would come to the world again to wipe away wickedness from the face of the earth and establish His kingdom.

Moreover, the use of Christmas wreaths transcends tradition and that it's practiced not just because it is component of a custom or belief but because it is a way of the Christians to show that they not just await but also anticipate in excitement for the Second Coming of the Lord.

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