Just What To Undertake To Be Able To Make My Personnel Follow Work Hours

By Marcus A Coldtrain

Social networking websites were taking my employees' time from their task. Despite the fact that I did not actually get an idler in the act, I was conscious of the idling that transpired. They would click on the mouse hurriedly whenever I approached their workdesk and then behave as if they were hiding something.

I didn't want to waste time guarding them, as they were way too old for that. I would like them to realize that every moment they spent unproductively in my company was money being wasted. Therefore, I mounted a fake security camera in each corner of their workspace.

So why a dummy surveillance camera, you may ask? Well, these were imitations as far as I was concerned but my workers did not know that. All they knew was that I got fed up with playing cat-and-mouse and took steps to handle their erring ways.

A fake security camera is able to perform what dozens of paid spies are not able to. The very first hint in which my tactic worked well was when production on the floor doubled on the very first week. Many paperwork got finished on time. Personnel kept to their very own place of work and not elsewhere inside the premises.

I bought a dome dummy camera with flashing LED. I then employed a person who was not linked to the company and made it appear that his job was hush-hush, in order to spice things up a bit.

I instructed the hired guy to put each and every dome dummy camera with flashing LED in a place that made it look clear even though partly concealed. By doing this, it would appear that I was attempting to conceal the fake security camera.

My measures stirred the guys on the office floor. All they had were gut feelings, which were only the boss having fitted surveillance cameras to catch bad behavior.

I was able to achieve my targets using a fake security camera. It was less costly than purchasing a high-technology surveillance system. In any case, I was simply after them in order that they do their job and not publish their present statuses on their social sites.

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