A Locksmith For Business Or Home Service Calls

By Elias Dashon

Changing the locks or re-keying the locks on rental property or the property that is involved in a divorce action is covered by laws in every state. You can change the locks or re-key the locks on your own home at will. There are many reasons why you should do one or the other, but first let's review what each term means. Check the laws in your state before changing locks regardless of how justified changing the locks may seem.

Changing the locks usually means changing the entire lock mechanism and installing a new lock from a variety offered on the market today. The former is more expensive, but also more secure in that you have a choice of locks. Re-keying the lock means leaving the lock in place but re-configuring the cylinder so that a different key is required to open it. Some locks do not use keys so keys are no longer the problem. Other locks are like combination locks.

The Austin, Texas Police Department says that the keys to a five year old house have on the average been passed to 75 people. Leaving a key with a repairman may seem harmless, but many repairmen are in the business of robbing the house after making a repair. It may be a valuable so small that you will not miss it. The repairman has your key reproduced, and he then robs your home in the future so he is not suspected. This man has the unusual opportunity to thoroughly look through your home and decide what he will return for.

He then sells your house key to another person who enters and steals your possessions. A key reproduced today may not be used for months, long after you have forgotten this man was in your house with your key. Keys are passed around by other means. People see your key lying around, and they can spot a house key, so they make an impression of it and then make a key from the impression. Children have been known to share their house key with a friend for ten dollars.

The ability of a thief to electronically copy your credit card when it is in your hand or wallet says that thievery has reached a high level of sophistication. Change your locks or re-key your locks every year just to have peace of mind that your house is not going to be an open house. New York City Private Investigator Max Bern says that many break-ins are the result of the robber having access to a key.

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