Making The Choice Of Dementia Care Facilities California

By Lou Prince

It can be a formidable task selecting dementia care facilities California for your loved one. What makes it so difficult is the very nature of the disease. There is no cure, and this puts you in the position of selecting among nursing homes that can merely manage this terrible condition.

One's first instinct might be to have the facility be 'pretty.' This is important, but not quite to the point. What matters is that the place be home. If possible, it should not resemble a hospital. The patient should have his or her room to themselves, and a warm, familiar atmosphere.

For instance, it has been proven that patients whose living quarters most resemble domesticity require less medication to keep them stable. While medication has its place, any doctor would agree that if it's possible to go without drugs, this is for the best. Drugs invariably come with certain side effects, and their expense is significant.

It has also been shown that a more tranquil domesticity reduces one of the main dangers faced by patients: wandering. Patients risk injury to themselves, even going off facility and getting tragically lost - a story we've all heard before. An environment that doesn't produce enough visual stimulation for the patient does raise the likely of such wandering.

Each hallway should be distinct, with perhaps a different kind of plant used as decoration. Other spaces could be adorned with paintings. All senses should be considered. This keeps the brain as active as possible. The patient's own room, meanwhile, should convey as much of a sense of privacy as is possible while still serving its primary purpose in a medical facility.

Wherever possible all the senses should be stimulated, creating an enriched living space. It's more a matter of caring and of good site management than money. Together they make for an approach to dementia care facilities California which one should be sure to seek out. dementia care facilities california

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