Plan Your Garden And Get Ready To Cultivate

By Elisha Cottrell

First thing you want to do after you decide that it's time for your very own garden is to determine the best place to put it. You may be limited to having a small container garden if space is at a premium. Locating the best garden spot varies according to the amount of sunlight the area receives, with the best option being exposure from the south. If you have no choice, stay away from northern exposure sites because they are of little use for a general garden.

While using southern area, where the sun is found warm all day, you need to run the rows of vegetables north and south. Making use of this configuration makes way for the morning sun to increase the heat of the plants on the east side and the afternoon sun to warm them on the west side. Having an arrangement of this nature, you shouldn't experience any lopsided plants. Nevertheless, should your garden face southeast, you'll want to be positive that your rows run northwest and southwest to get the most benefit from the sun.

You are aiming to equally devote the available sunshine for as long as you can. Seeing a window plant that has lopsided growth is an example of what happens to a plant when the light is not evenly distributed. Knowing where you will place your garden, sketch out a drawing of where you want each plant to go. When you first start your garden the surface will often be, either covered with rubbish or with sod. You should plow the ground and turn the sod under if you will have a large garden, whereas all you have to do is remove the sod if the garden will be fairly small.

You'll be able to take the grass and use it to start a compost pile which you can later use to fertilize your garden. You can contribute vegetable waste products to your compost heap during the summer and autumn leaves during the fall. This compost provides garden fertilizer for one more year. You will need to remove any large clumps from your garden location by sufficiently plowing the sod under. Seeds are not going to mature correctly unless the ground is comprised of small particles. To get your garden spot in top condition you must have a spade, a hoe, and a rake.

The spade can flip the garden soil to begin with, but it will leave too many clumps. A hoe should further break up the clumps, stir up the top covering and separate the weeds. Using the spade is going to be vigorous, hard work, but using a hoe and a rake won't be that vigorous. Once you have completed working with the hoe, take the rake and smooth out the garden bed. Upon having all this done, you are set to start planting the seeds.

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