Saunas - Five Things You Need to Know

By Joseph Coler

Saunas may come in an establishment or a small chamber where people could encounter wet or dry heat session, which generally aims to encourage perspiration via the production of steam. Many folks are informed of the several health benefits offered by saunas, so this article would like to share a couple of tips when going to this type of bathhouse.

1. Heat
Before you could totally enjoy the heat offered by steam saunas, you must wait for 30 minutes before they could reach a desired temperature. Because being able to perspire is one of the reasons of your visit, it is important that saunas are suitably heated before you begin.

2. Hot and Cold Shower
Sauna facilities offer both hot and cold showers to their guests for two main reasons. First of all, you require taking a hot shower prior to the start of a session so that you may quickly sweat bullets during the course of a sauna sitting. Following this, you must allow your body to slowly cool down well before you could immerse it in a pool or take a cold shower.

3. Hygiene
Remember that sauna facilities in gyms or other public establishments are used by many people each day. Hence, ensure that you sit on a towel to emphasize cleanliness.

4. Protect Yourself From Heat
It may feel like your body can tolerate the level of heat produced in saunas, but there may be times when your face or head could not stand the hotness at all. You may address this by putting a towel on the head or perhaps a banya hat, which is usually used in countries like Russia.

5. Increased Perspiration
It is possible to perspire even more if more water is poured on the heater since this intensifies the room's humidity. The lowest bench and places far from the heater elements are the coolest places in the sauna, so you might not want to stay here. Lastly, for a more uniform body temperature, you may lie on a bench provided the sauna is not jam-packed. 

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