What To Consider When You Begin Collecting Katana Swords

By Carly Ewing

In the long history of the East, many weapons have been developed and have survived the ages. However, few have the legend and status than the Japanese samurai sword. While original weapons can fetch amazing prices, the true techniques for forging these blades is still appreciated today. This makes is possible for people to collect different katana swords from various forges.

There are actually many types of Japanese nihonto, or bladed weapons. The katana is one of the two longest blades among them. In the past, they were worn exclusively by the samurai class and men of high rank. The loner swords was worn with the wakizashi or the tanto, both shorter weapons that gave the swordsman means of switching from mid-range to close-range combat.

The weapons are well-known for their inherent beauty and strength. A master can use this blade to cut clear through flesh and bone with one swing. Masters of kenjutsu practice cutting techniques on standing rolls of wood and rush matting to perfect a clean cut.

Part of what makes the blades unique is that the process to make them combines different strengths of steel to create the ideal blade. The traditional method of forging has so far been the best way to do this, but it can take years to master. This is why the blades are so collectible.

The blades for collection can be chosen by how much they cost, by the kinds of steel they are shaped from, and the forge that made them. Stainless steel is made for blades that are only meant to be displayed. Serious practitioners of sword fighting require blades that can repeatedly stand the shock of a strike.

You can locate many creditable retailers of these weapons online. They can have very informative sites that can tell you what you need to know and link you to forums where you can discuss weapon specs with others of like mind. You will also be able to see the wares of different forges and even guy traditional kits for the care of your blade.

Born from the need for warfare and the ingenuity of craftsmen dedicated to their art, katana swords have resisted turning into mere pieces of history. They still embody the ideal of the warrior's spirit, discipline, and honor.

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