Bamboo Fence Panels - A Creative Look For Your Fencing

By Chris Station

One of the most attractive and unique types of fencing materials available is bamboo. Bamboo fence panels can be installed quite easily to make an easy solution for backyard security and privacy. Each pre-made panel is conveniently ready to install.

You'll find that bamboo panels are lot more versatile than many other types of fences. They can be quickly installed on either a permanent or a temporary basis almost anywhere in your yard. It would be too much work and money to install a wood fence temporarily to make it worthwhile. With bamboo panels it's so easy to do.

With bamboo fence panels you're going to get a very durable product. It can last upwards of twenty years just as long as the panels are not placed directly on the ground. Bamboo fencing is first dried and then cured after being harvested. Its natural coating of wax prevents damage from water or mildew.

Any natural product breaks down over time. And bamboo is no different. It too will eventually begin to dry out and crack because of exposure to weather and sun. However, damage can be minimized and the life of the fence extended if the bamboo is treated to preserve it.

With bamboo fence panels you can expect a great deal of variety and choice, from woven to solid designs and in many sizes. Panels may be constructed completely out of bamboo. But in other cases, panels are framed with wood. They can be used for privacy fences and garden edging to mention just a couple of the many other applications in the yard.

Bamboo fences are also a very economical fencing option. They cost a lot less than other types of fences. This is especially the case with the cost of wood continuing to rise.

Choosing bamboo for your fencing project certainly gives you many options. With such a huge variety in both color and design, you can let your creativity shine through when planning your own unique fence. Here are just a few of the options you cam choose from when it comes to bamboo fencing.

Because bamboo is a natural product, there will be many variations in both shading and color to choose from. But that's only the start.

With bamboo fence panels you can choose panels that are constructed with whole bamboo pieces. These provide a distinct and solid appearance. Another option would be to choose split bamboo panels. When you use split bamboo the finished appearance is flatter and more even overall.

Another option would be to choose a panel that is made out of woven bamboo. With woven bamboo, you'll notice that the canes are smaller and bundled together. These panels have a smoother appearance with a natural yet more modern look.

You can use bamboo fence panels on existing fences as well. They attach quite easily to chain link or wooden fences. This is a great way to transform an old fence into a new inviting space in only a few hours.

For a unique fencing solution and to create your very own backyard paradise, there is no easier or inexpensive way than to simply install bamboo fence panels.

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