Habitually Going to Your Long Island Dentist Is Important

By Paul Nash

If you don't go to your Long Island dentist consistently, you will probably affect your overall health and wellness. It might be in the form of a toothache, nevertheless the truth is, sometimes it can go worse than that. When you've got a tooth that's decaying, there is a possibility of infection setting into your gums. You can even get such diseases like gingivitis, a gum disease that destroys your teeth.

Most dentists perform dental implants to alleviate or perhaps, provide a solution to a tooth problem. Example of dental implants are creating the braces and bridges for your teeth so that they may become align or treat whatever ailment you're having due to the fraction between your teeth. This, however may seem very scary with all the metals and small pieces attached inside your mouth, but this is all in a way to help us ease the pain that might harm us or do to us in the future if we don't take this attachments or implants.

A dentist may need an impression of your teeth for many reasons. A few of the more common reasons are to make a removable partial denture or a complete denture; to make a conventional dental crown; to make bridges or fixed partial dentures; to make oral appliances such as space maintainers; to make a custom mouthguard for protection while playing sports or to wear at night to prevent teeth grinding; to make custom teeth whitening trays; to know how your teeth look in the event that you chip or damage one or more so that they can be properly restored to their ideal shape and size.

Your dentist may use several methods to determine if you have tooth decay. Cavity-detecting dye can be rinsed over your tooth. It will stick to decayed areas and rinse cleanly from healthy ones. X-rays can help your dentist see decay that doesn't show on the surface. However, X-rays are often not accurate in detecting smaller cavities on top surfaces. Current fillings or other restorations also may block the view of decay. Laser fluorescence cavity detection aids measure changes caused by tooth decay. They are especially useful for pit and fissure areas. Some discolored spots on your teeth may indicate decay, but not all of them. Your dentist may use an explorer, a metal instrument with a sharp tip, to probe for possible decay. Healthy tooth enamel is hard and will resist pressure by the explorer. Decayed enamel is softer. The instrument will stick in it slightly. Explorers must be used with caution. Pressing too hard with an explorer can damage a healthy tooth.

Your Long Island dentist wishes patients would value their teeth more. Teeth are a crucial part of health and appearance. Untreated gum disease, for example, is linked to heart disease. Visiting the dentist can be very expensive but with time, you will come to realize that price is a minor concern with regards to your health. Any minor cost differences amortized out over a lifetime will become insignificant. You'll get the best results and have the most long-term satisfaction getting care from somebody you trust.

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