Baby Facts Few People Know

By Silva Carvalho

You should already know at least a little bit about babies. You understand that babies do not recognize most people right away. You already know that a baby will understand on instinct who his mother is even within a minute of being born. There is no set rate for baby development, but most people already understand that fact. There are no exact dates for any of the major development milestones. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of other things to learn about child development and babies. Nothing is more interesting than watching a baby grow up. Even within the first few years of a person's life there are millions of fascinating changes. Those little bodies might look like they can't accomplish much but the fact is that those babies are working really hard to grow up!

Babies are sensitive to light before they are born. There are millions of fibers and nerves that make up your eyes. The sheer coordination needed for your eyes to function correctly will astound you. Babies usually have working eyes by the end of the first trimester or very beginning of the second trimester. Your baby will be sensitive to light changes by the time your pregnancy is six months along. Another interesting fact about babies: most Caucasian babies will not show their "true" eye color until a few months after they are born. Most Caucasian babies are born with eyes that are blue and that change later on. So don't get excited if your baby has blue eyes at birth. Your baby's eyes will probably change color!

Did you know that not all babies are born toothless? Other babies don't start getting their teeth in until well after their first birthdays.

Before they are born most infants are able to understand and recognize different songs and music types. By the time a woman is thirty four weeks into her pregnancy the unborn baby can identify different sounding songs. This means that the baby spends more than a month in the womb being able to identify different types of music! Some mothers even report that their babies will move in time to the beat of certain songs. Your baby has definite tastes and preferences even before he is born! Isn't that great?

Most people think that babies do not learn how to smile until a few weeks after they are born. Smiling is often attributed to gas or the baby's having to go to the bathroom-at least until it reaches a few weeks in age. For a long time it was common thought that smiling was a learned behavior-something that the baby learned from his or her parents over the first few weeks of life. It was widely believed that it was easier for a baby to learn how to express unhappiness than it was to learn how to express happiness. Now scientists have learned differently. As ultrasound technology advances, people are seeing their children smile while they are still in utero. Many families have been given ultrasound pictures of their smiling children weeks before they are due to be born. Common belief now is that the birthing process is so traumatic for infants that they do not smile until they have gotten over the shocking change in environments.

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