Interesting Facts About Babies

By Ali Garcia

Most people know at least the basic baby things. Most people know that it takes babies a while to get to know someone. You know that they understand, instinctual, who their mothers are within moments of being born. You already understand that no two babies are going to develop at the same exact rate. There is no set date for walking, talking, forming complete sentences, potty training, rolling over, etc. Unfortunately not many people understand child development beyond the examples already written in this introduction. Nothing is more interesting than watching a baby grow up. Even within the first few years of a person's life there are millions of fascinating changes. Even though it doesn't look that complicated the truth is that growing up is fraught with challenges and changes!

The heart is usually already pumping by the time a woman finds out that she is pregnant. It only takes about three weeks for a baby's heart to form and start working. This is usually when most women find out that they are pregnant. If there was ever a marvel about babies it would be that it only takes three weeks for biology to take a couple of individual cells, join them together and form rudimentary organs that start to fully function. Isn't it marvelous that biology made the foundation of your most important muscle in such a short time?

This is why a baby will sometimes choose one toy instead of another. So that means that all of those black and white mobiles that you scoff at in stores for being too "artsy" are actually better for your baby's developing eyes than the pastel one you were probably thinking of getting! Most babies are born knowing instinctually how to swim and how to hold their breath. The instinct fades rapidly. This is one of the reasons that water births are gaining in popularity. Apparently the transition from the womb to independent life is easier with a water birth because the babies have spent nine months "swimming" inside mommy's womb. These experts say that being born into water helps ease the transition of birth and makes it less traumatic than the process they'd face by being born in a "traditional" hospital birth.

Teething is a process that many parents fear more than they look forward to seeing. Don't spend a lot of energy worrying about how your child's teething schedule compares to other children. Babies grow at different rates and even if you have other kids who started to get their teeth in at a specific age that is not a guarantee that this baby will follow suit.

As your baby grows inside of you the rest of his body develops and the tail usually ends up disappearing-it sort of blends in to the rest of the body as it grows. The whole process is similar to the way tadpoles grow up to be tail-less frogs. Some people have extra long tails that do not get completely absorbed and are born with small tails that are still intact. From here the parents can choose whether to have the tail removed or to hope that it disappears over time.

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