How to Conceive a Boy - 3 Uncomplicated Methods

By Jen Taylor

Boy or Girl. Which one do I want? Most might say you can't find this out beforehand. Even the medical world states it can't be achieved, yet you can still find people that say one can learn how to conceive a boy or girl following a few tactics. Which means you need to prepare in advance of time, especially if you desire to come home with a bundle of blue.

This means you need to follow some approaches in order to learn how to conceive a boy. This doesn't mean any mad behaviour, however it is more about using the right sexual positions, eating the correct foods and understanding the importance of ovulation.

The first thing you have to do will be to take a look at the woman's PH level, which is the level of acidity found in the body. The reason is the sperm cannot live in an environment that is extremely acidic. Therefore when you have a high PH level, you need to work hard to reduce this level. One suggestion is to eat a lot of foods filled with alkaline, including watermelon, lemons, grapes, limes, and mangoes. Vegetables high in alkaline are spinach, parsley, broccoli, and asparagus. You have to eat red meat and make an effort to eat salty food items like figs, bananas, and raisins. Some say taking in coffee may help, but it shouldn't be overdone. They propose staying away from foods such as chocolate, cheese, yogurt, and milk honey.

Another technique to adhere to is to try to understand your ovulation period. You can monitor these numbers for months or buy an ovulation kit to help find out when you are the most fertile. Be sure to have intercourse on this day. This is extremely importance as we want Y sperm, that are fast swimmer compare to X sperm to fertilize released egg before X sperm.

The final technique to follow when wanting to know how to conceive a boy using the correct positions. One suggestion is to put a pillow underneath the female's hips or to put the woman's legs up on top of your partner's shoulders. This will make certain that Y sperm have less distance to travel to fertilize egg. When a female orgasm happens right before a male's, the vaginal fluids tend to be more alkaline. This gives you a greater probability of having a baby boy.

These techniques are not 100% completely foolproof, however will boost your prospects to conceive a boy.

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