Is It A Stun Gun Or Is It A Cell Phone?

By Lawanna B Bean

"Tonight is about what I want," he muttered under breath that reeked of booze. It then was finally apparent why he was adamant about me appearing at the season ender. The varsity hockey star penned me against a wall and talked sternly.

He did not have the vaguest idea a cell phone stun gun would stop him. The unruly man just doubled over laughing, after I retrieved it from my pocket. I swallowed my dread, I announced in my most passive voice, "this party needs more girls."

The Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun appears to be a camera cell phone so it would not rouse suspicion. It gives the user a strategic advantage due to the fact an aggressor would never imagine what happened.

Previously, I hadn't worried myself with self defense tools until eventually my college roommate was sexually harassed by her professor. That was the last incident I required, so I got on the internet. In my search, I stumbled into this cell phone stun gun.

An outstanding mini stun gun, the Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun spans just 3.8 inches high, so it is convenient and easy to hide. Additionally, it comes with an extra vivid 12 LED flashlight to assist in predicaments after hours.

This cell phone stun gun shoots out a mighty 4.5 million volts of electrical impulses straight into the body. Certain to immobilize any thug briefly is the high voltage stun gun, that gives me the chance to get away from peril easily.

In pink and black, the Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun is available. I purchased for myself the pink gun and ordered the black for my brother. Free with each stun gun was a leatherette holster with belt clip and 3 CR2 batteries.

With what he assumed was an ordinary mobile phone, the bully decided not to put up a fight. Although, I shot my cell phone stun gun onto his thigh. By the time he realized what it was, he couldn't continue attacking me.

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