Discover Awesome Vegas Landscapers

By Debrah Langston

Las Vegas is a city built in a desert , which while charming and delightful, brings a host of problems when it comes to landscaping. The climate in Las Vegas is very hot and dry making it difficult for much to grow there. To further complicate the problem the soil is dry and dusty, made up mostly of sand and lacking in the nutrients needed for plants to grow. Because the soil is so dry it is also very hard which makes it very difficult to dig.

This is a useful technique for storing excess water during rainy seasons. While this technique is useful when it rains, it does not solve the problem during an excessive drought. Another technique, developed by survival experts and adapted for landscaping use, involves the collection of condensation and dew. This is a difficult and tricky process that results in a limited amount of water.

The lack of water is not the only problem with landscaping in Las Vegas. In many places the soil is very hard, and without nutrients. Some landscapers have attempted to solve this problem by using excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers have numerous environmental and financial disadvantages. Besides being expensive, chemical fertilizers get into the runoff, and eventually mix with drinking water.

High levels of chemical fertilizers can cause defects and health issues. One way to combat the soil problem, without relying on chemical fertilizers, is to rely on composting and plant rotation. Plant rotation is not as effective with perennials, but is usefully in flower and vegetable gardens. Composting, on the other hand, is a technique that is useful with any kind of landscaping.

Another common technique in landscaping desert areas like Las Vegas is a technique known as hardscaping. Hardscaping refers to using ponds, rock gardens, shade areas and other non-living matter as part of a landscaped yard. These types of elements are low maintenance, and add to the beauty of the land.

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