Looking After The Family With Home Personal Protection

By Chloe Gib

One of the biggest concerns of people today is the protection of their own property and the attempt to keep it safe from anyone out there who may try to steal or kill. Home personal protection is a very high concern amongst people today. There exist many neighborhoods out there which tend to be somewhat unsafe to live in, and these will be the areas of the highest concern. Parts of certain cities might even have a worse off reputation such as North Dublin City, in Ireland. Two of the most notorious places for crime are Ballymun and Finglas.

It is doubtful that anybody today wants to feel unsafe within their own house. A huge industry has grown up around security alarms and systems, and many houses have been fitted with these for personal protection. There are even emergency buttons these which call fire or health services should anything be needed. Ireland has a high rate of gun crime within it's capital, Dublin.

A country with an incredibly high crime rate is that of South Africa. Many people here will have barbed wire fitted above the walls of their gardens to prevent criminals climbing in and sneaking into the house through the back. Large dogs are also commonly kept by people. Security alarms are also used.

This tends to be more within the suburbs of cities such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. There are also a lot of South Africans who live in communities which are gated and looked after by twenty-four-hour security guards. The presence of this can make South Africa a very difficult country in which to live.

Firearms and other weapons kept in the home for personal protection are also common. The laws regarding this tends to vary from country to country and in some places there laws which stipulate that one needs to have a license in order to have a firearm. Some people will happily go through the trouble of obtaining one in order to keep their family safe. If a burglar intrudes, then it is the view of many that they should be allowed to defend their property in any way possible.

There have even been some ridiculous cases whereby a burglar has been climbing on the roof of a home, fallen in through a skylight and injured themselves. After this, the said burglar as actually managed to successfully sue the homeowners.

Home personal protection is the concern of many people living worldwide and for them it will always be the case that family comes first. People have now begun forming groups in order to reform certain laws which will allow them to protect their families.

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