Teaching Your Child To Settle In His Toddler Car Bed

By Dawn Riley

Generate excitement in your young child for his toddler car bed. If you shop online make sure to allow your child choose the car toddler bed he likes. Make sure that your toddler is there if the child's bed is sent. Get a comforter as well as new sheets of her preference to go on the child's bed. Your child could be more fired up and much more likely to settle in a bed which he selected.

Youngsters wish to feel safe and have their parents to meet that desire. To be alone in a toddler car bed can be a scary thing for a toddler. Bearing that in mind you are not there with him the whole time can create a sense of insecurity. A blanket, stuffed animal or any other inanimate thing may meet that need while your toddler is in his car toddler bed.

Have a nice routine for your child. Routine night time activities could be bath time, brushing teeth, reading a book, saying prayers, singing a song and also switching out the lighting. Have a very frequent night time for your child. Persistence will help your child feel comfortable, which can make it easier to keep your child sleeping in his toddler car bed as well as resting during the night.

Prize your son or daughter. Preschoolers respond well to rewards. Should your child sleeps in his bed through the night, reward him. Think about using stickers on a chart -- put in a sticker to your young child if he remains in bed through the night. Should it be harder for your child to sleep in the toddler car bed, give him a sticker for every hour he was in the toddler bed. Following a set amount, provide a bigger prize, like a toy or something else to have.

Your little one might be uneasy in his toddler car bed and may even try to crawl in bed along with you. Don't scold or shout at your child. Don't talk to your child. Just pick your toddler up and then bring him back to the toddler bed. Put your child in bed and then leave the room. Try this as many times as you have to right up until your child remains in the toddler car bed. Reward good behavior the very next day.

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