Why The World Is Safer For Your Dog With The Electronic Dog Fence

By Michelle Goodare

Is your dog a runner? A large variety of dogs, especially sporting breeds, enjoy running around in wide-open areas and for miles on end. Many of these dogs will typically find ways to get out of fenced in areas and other containment areas. If you don't already have a fence, it can be very expensive and quite a chore to put one up just so your dog will be able to run free. Luckily for dog owners, technology has advanced to a point where you now have more options than going through the laborious task of building a fenced in area for your dog. An electronic dog fence is a modern day marvel that will amaze you with its ease of use.

A professional company is in charge with installing this dog fence around the area where you keep your dog. A special dog collar is attached to the dog so that it interacts with the sensors placed around the fence. When your dog approaches any of these sensors, the collar will produce a warning sound so that the dog knows it must keep its distance. If it gets closer to the fence, the collar will produce a mild shock. 9 out of 10 dogs learn quickly that they need to stay away from the fence and most of them don't even wait for the warning sound.

There are many dog owners who imagine that installing such a fence counts as inhumane treatment. Maybe the very first versions of dog fences would have hurt the animal, but the most recent ones are completely harmless. You are able to set the intensity of the shock so that it is not dangerous for your animal. If you're still unsure if it's safe for your pet, you can test the collar yourself. No such collar can inflict pain on your animal; the strongest stimuli they send are usually very similar to static shocks. They produce identical sensations; they are not painful, but they're extremely annoying. Your dogs won't like the shocks, but they won't get hurt either.

Installing such a system is better than risking for your dog to escape on the streets and accidentally get killed by vehicles. The dog fence protects the animal, while leaving it enough space to run freely.

Thousands of electronic dog fence owners around the world have been enjoying the benefits of their fence for years. They can let their dog outside in a seemingly open field without worrying about their pet running off and getting hurt or worse. The relief of knowing for certain that your dog is safe is well worth the price of an electronic fence. It is completely safe and really easy to use. So what do you have to lose? Allow your dog the freedom of running about without a leash today.

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